Can you crack the trickiest Chronos One game - before it's too late?

Try and Keep Calm - but time is running out for you to try what many players think is the most difficult game at the Chronos One escape rooms in Eltham.

Ever since we began nearly five years ago (yes, it's our fifth birthday very soon!) we've offered a variety of challenging games.

But since Keep Calm surfaced four years ago, its atmospheric mix of wartime intrigue and good old British bulldog spirit has earned it huge popularity AND high difficulty ratings!

Sadly, all good things come to an end - and the clock is ticking for Keep Calm.

After entertaining thousands of people over a fabulous four years, you've only got until April 17 to play it - yes, it's soon time to say goodbye.

So if you still haven't had a go (and if not, why not?) let's see what it entails, compare it to our other games and, crucially, see what those who've played it think about it!

Keep Calm - what's it about?

It's the middle of the Blitz - the infamous Nazi bombing campaign of 1940-41. You and your team of fellow British intelligence agents have been tasked with searching a fellow KIA agent's office for clues - but on their death, it turns out they weren't who you thought they were. But can you uncover their secrets before dastardly plans come to fruition?

Well, that's up to you - but beware, it ain't going to be easy!

It's a fiendishly tricky race against the clock. And while it carries our most challenging "five out of five" difficulty rating, don't be deterred because the key to success is simple - as the famous wartime motto goes, just Keep Calm and Carry On!

What do people say about it?

In short, lots of good things! If people didn't love it so much, we wouldn't have kept it going for so long. But when you get reactions like this - all taken from TripAdvisor in the past six months - little wonder it's had such longevity.

Here are just a few reviews (and there are loads more where these come from!):

EdA: Brilliant experience. Very well thought out puzzles. Loved this 'Keep Calm' theme, hope its successor is as enjoyable. The staff are very friendly and the property facilities are accessible and safe.

Lucia H: We did the Keep Calm escape room today and had a great time! We managed to escape with time to spare, the room setup was very clever and clues not easy to crack but great fun!

Rob: Had a fantastic time at Eltham escape room - we played Keep Calm, it was a lot of fun and on the more difficult side of things. Aimee, our host, was fantastic and gave us all the information we needed.


Marsjem: Smells like team spirit! We had a great time! Friendly welcome, George an excellent host, Keep Calm room perfect for our group, lots of teamwork needed...would recommend it.

cdh298: Anthony was a great host and we had a brilliant 59 mins 58 seconds solving the puzzles! When we booked I didn't have the right date and they couldn't have been more helpful moving the dates to one we could all make.

Clare F: We completed the Keep Calm room as a couple today. It was loads of fun, really well thought out and a good level of challenge. Anthony, our host, was excellent, really friendly, helpful and positive.

Kevin M: Not having tried an escape room before, I booked the Keep Calm room (the trickiest of the rooms) as the others were sold out. I went in without really knowing if the event was worth it or whether we'd actually even succeed given the difficulty level. I can honestly say how much fun it was for my group and I'm glad I committed to it! Anthony, the Games Master, was brilliant and even prompted us to make plans to go to one of their other rooms. Give it a go - you'll not be disappointed

Foot 0577: We really enjoyed our experience and managed to complete Keep Calm by the skin of our teeth with only 49 seconds to spare. The chap who looked after us was super nice and kind and we really appreciated him as great service always adds to an experience. Would definitely recommend it.

And what about our other games?

Well, they're maybe not as difficult - but they're just as much fun! Let's take a look...

The Temple of the Forbidden Idol (difficulty rating 3/5): Our newest kid on the block sees you journey through the jungle, having been sent by Professor Jones to find the Forbidden idol! Once you locate the Temple of the Enfada Idol, you're in a race not just against the clock, but against your rival Dr Belloq and his mercenaries, who are in close pursuit. Can you beat the temple's puzzles and Belloq to the idol?

Nightmare on Ripper Street (difficulty rating 4/5): An anonymous tip-off has been received which may lead you to the lair of the notorious Jack the Ripper! Gather your detectives, surround the location and solve those clues before Jack escapes.

Return To Neverland (difficulty rating 3/5): The story of Peter Pan enchants young and old alike - and in our escape room, the boy who never grew up needs your help! Tinkerbell the fairy has flown into your bedroom, panicking, because she reckons Peter Pan has been kidnapped. She needs your help to travel with her to Neverland and save Peter from evil Captain Hook - but it's up to you what happens next!

* All games are for 2-6 players and last up to 60 minutes. Players under 16 must be accompanied by an adult, with The Temple of the Forbidden Idol and Return To Neverland perhaps most suitable for teams with children.

So what are you waiting for?

Don't let Keep Calm disappear before giving it a go - remember, it only has a few weeks left. And while you're here, why not try our other rooms too?

Book your Chronos One escape room experience today.

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