Chronos One Escape Rooms rated top London attraction for fun and games


Our Tripadvisor rating puts us in the top 3% of must-do activities in the capital city.


Chronos One Escape Rooms, based in Eltham, is rated in the top 3% of attractions when it comes to places to visit for fun and games in London.

Almost 500 people have given us a five-star rating on the site, a rating we’ve worked hard to achieve, through our commitment to providing a first-class experience to thrillseekers and escape room enthusiasts.

We offer a broad selection of immersive, interactive games and team-building exercises that will keep you on your toes, as you work against the clock to make your escape.

Many of our reviewers comment on the fact that we bring something new to this form of entertainment, offering extras they had never seen before in other escape rooms.

Others have commented on how their teenagers and children aged eight-plus have enjoyed their experience at Chronos One, with children able to make a significant impact when it comes to solving the puzzles.

Please note however that players under 18 must be accompanied by an adult – who is sure to enjoy it just as much as our younger guests, if not more!

Reviews by people who have successfully managed to beat the clock by escaping within an hour sometimes include players’ pictures of their certificates and our reviewers seem to love to boast about their great times – or the fact that they have just to say escaped, with seconds to spare!

Why not try your luck and see if you can beat them?

Here are five good reasons why our customers say we’re “utterly awesome” and they have “had a blast” with us! 

  • All our customers receive a warm and friendly welcome from our excellent hosts, who will guide you through your escape room experience. Our staff are not only known for being super-friendly, but also super-efficient and helpful. Visitors point out the communication they receive from us in the lead-up to their experience through things like booking reminders is exceptional. Our staff also make great game masters, helping you as much as you want or need – but please don’t cheat! There’s nothing like the satisfaction of solving our puzzles as a team in the one-hour allotted time period.
  • We offer great value for money. Given the quality of the immersive experiences at Chronos One Escape Rooms and the professionalism of our team, we have a great value offering here. Whether you’re a family of four looking for something different to do, or colleagues looking for an innovative way to bring your team together, you’ll be impressed with our prices.
  • We offer extras you will not have seen in other escape rooms. Without giving too much away and spoiling the surprise for you, our guests regularly comment on the attention to detail and extras incorporated into our escape missions. Our Return to Neverland Escape Room is a prime example of this, with the premise that Tinkerbell has flown into your bedroom at night and needs your help to rescue Peter Pan from his kidnapper, the evil Captain Hook.
  • Our rooms are “atmospheric”, “well-designed” and “wonderfully thought out”. Whether you’re playing the “creepy but fun” nightmare on Ripper Street game, or the more child-friendly Temple of the Forbidden Idol, you’ll be amazed at the great scenery and the atmosphere we create, as well as our great puzzles that everyone can bring their different skills to, so they can make their escape! Prepare to be immersed in your experience at Chronos One Escape rooms!
  •  You’ll leave feeling exhilarated! Whether your throat is sore from screaming or your face aches from laughing you will always leave with the feeling that you have had a fantastic time!

“Fun, fantastic, and sometimes frightening!” What makes us your number-one choice in Escape Rooms?

At Chronos One, our passion for what we have created with this interactive form of entertainment, which is growing rapidly in popularity, is clear for all to see.

We also take great pride in our friendly service and our seamless booking process.

We offer each team a helpful and supportive games master to assist them in any way they require.

Our brilliant and fun game masters won’t give the answers away easily though, to ensure you feel the satisfaction of solving those tricky clues for yourselves!

Our four main games, the Temple of the Forbidden Idol, Return to Neverland, Nightmare on Ripper Street, and Keep Calm are all highly rated by our customers.

There are different difficulty levels for you to try, with Return to Neverland and The Temple of the Forbidden Idol popular with teams who have children playing with them.

Nightmare on Ripper Street and Keep Calm might be a little too scary for some younger players!

Our sets and props are “amazing” according to our reviewers and a great deal of thought and attention is put into them.

They are not only well-designed and robust but also help to create a great atmosphere that is in keeping with the theme of our games, enabling you to be fully immersed in what you are doing.

We also pride ourselves on keeping the sets and all our premises pristine!

We offer corporate bookings and cater for special occasions such as birthdays, hen, and stag parties.

When it comes to corporate bookings, organising an Escape Room activity for you and your colleagues is a great team-building exercise. 

We can accommodate 24 players per hour, so if you have a larger party, contact us and we’ll do our best to get everybody who you want to be involved together.

For those teams who are particularly competitive, we have a live leaderboard available to see in our reception and on our website, under each game’s individual page.

 At Chronos One, whether you’re attending with friends, family, or colleagues, you’re guaranteed a thrilling and fun experience!

We also offer gift vouchers, so if you’re looking for an excellent present for someone who loves to be challenged, a Chronos One experience could be the perfect solution. 

Make Chronos One Escape Rooms part of a great day out in London! Book today!



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