Chronos One Vouchers - The Ultimate Imaginative Gift

“Oh, don't buy me a gift, there's nothing I need”. 

How many times have you heard that from a pal or family member as you rack your brain, trying to think of something to get them? 

Sometimes flowers, chocolates or a new top just don't cut it. 

Well, at Chronos One, we have the perfect gift idea that won't just delight the recipient, it will make marvellous memories too. 

Here's just a few reasons why our gift vouchers make the ideal present... 

The gift of imagination 

With a Chronos One gift voucher, not only does it show you've used your imagination when it comes to choosing a gift, you're giving the gift of imagination too. 

Whether it's the creepiness of Nightmare on Ripper Street, the jungle-based adventure of The Temple of the Forbidden Idol or the fairytale world of the Peter Pan-themed Return to Neverland, imagination is the name of the game as you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your chosen game and set about solving the clues. 

Within moments, even the most reluctant player will be lured into their game scenario - and the better their imagination, the higher their chances of beating the clock! 

From corporate events and birthday parties to school bookings and private occasions, a trip to Chronos One is always fun - just check out our fantastic reviews on Escape Room review sites. 

And by purchasing a gift voucher, it puts the power of when to go firmly in the recipient's hands. 

It's a gift and experience they might not even have considered before - but judging by the positive reactions we usually get from our players, we're pretty sure they'll love it!

Young and old alike 

When you think of the different types of people you buy gifts for, it's little wonder it can be a real headache. 

From little Johnny who's turning 10 to grandparents who are considerably older, or that work colleague who you like but don't know that much about to your awkward teenage cousin who turns their nose up at most things, the gift-buying process is often a bit of a minefield. 

But not when you give a Chronos One gift voucher. 

We guarantee that whoever you buy it for, it's a gift that will put smiles on faces rather than disappointed frowns! 

After all, you're giving the gift of a memorable experience suitable for every age group.

And when they check out the games we offer, they'll see there's at least one entirely suitable for them. 

They're ideal for birthdays, celebrations, special occasions and anniversaries - or just as a token of appreciation to someone special. 

And if you're really lucky, they might ask you along too! 

Take your pick 

So which games are available? We've got three absolute belters on the go at the moment: 

* Nightmare on Ripper Street: More suitable - but not exclusively - for older players and adult groups, travel back to the dark, menacing streets of Victorian London where evil Jack the Ripper is on the loose. An anonymous tip-off has come in, telling you where the Ripper may be - but can you track him down before he escapes to strike again? Unsettlingly brilliant, this game has a 4/5 difficulty rating. 

* The Temple of the Forbidden Idol: Indiana Who?? Another of our family-friendly games, and rated 3/5 for difficulty, you're despatched to the jungle by Professor Jones, where you finally locate the magnificent Temple of the Enfada Idol. But with your rival, Dr Belloq, in close pursuit, you have no more than an hour in which to beat the temple's puzzles and beat Belloq to the idol. 

* Return To Neverland: Perhaps our most family-friendly game, it's based on JM Barrie's enchanting story of the boy who never grew up, Peter Pan. Peter's little fairy friend, Tinkerbell, has flown into your room with bad news - Peter Pan has been kidnapped! Travel with her to Neverland to save Peter from his nasty nemesis, Captain Hook. This game has a difficulty rating of 3/5.

Oh, and we're working on a new one too,but more of that another time! 


VFM - Value For Money. It's what we all crave nowadays, especially with the cost-of-living crisis crunching household budgets. 

But with vouchers starting at just £28 for one person, and with discounts the more vouchers you buy, a Chronos One gift voucher offers remarkable value - especially considering the care and investment put into our games and the enjoyment the recipient will get from our Eltham High Street experience. 

Your flexible friend

 You're not tied down to a handful of dates with a Chronos One gift voucher because they're valid for a full 12 months, so there's plenty of time to choose when you want to play. 

In fact, the only deadline you'll have to beat is the 60 minutes you're given to solve your game and make good your escape! 

There's plenty of flexibility with our opening times too. 

We're usually open Monday to Thursday 10am-10pm, and from 9am-10pm Friday-Sunday. 

And even though May has THREE Bank Holidays, don't worry - we're open for those too, so there really is plenty of scope to plan your visit. 

So how do I get my vouchers?

 So, you like the idea of a gift voucher - but what do you get for your money, and how do you get them? 

Your gift vouchers are redeemed against the cost of games and cost from £28 for a one person voucher up to £144 for six people.  

All our games last up to 60 minutes - depending on how good you are, of course - and under-16s must be accompanied by an adult. 

You're not properly locked in, so don't worry if you need to nip to the loo!  

However, once the clock starts, it won't stop until you've solved the puzzles or have run out of time,so it'll be your own time you're wasting! 

Chronos One HQ is at 3 St Mary's Place, Eltham, SE9 1BL. 

To get your voucher, just book through the 'Gift Voucher' tab on this website. 

Or to contact us, call 0203 620 111 or, if you prefer, email us at [email protected] 

Book your Chronos One experience today!

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