Educational Escape Rooms can help young and old with problem-solving skills

Have fun while you learn valuable life skills at Chronos One.

At Chronos One Escape Rooms in Eltham, we can offer a fun day out, to everyone from kids to great grandparents!

And while the emphasis is naturally on fun and making happy memories with family and friends, there’s also an educational benefit to tackling one of our Escape Rooms too.

Escape rooms are great places for teams and workmates to overcome problems together – and this can be hugely beneficial once you go back to the workplace. Students can also significantly benefit once they’re back in the classroom together.

Here are a few of the educational and training benefits that you may get from taking part in an Escape Room experience.

It’s all about teamwork

In order to solve our Escape Room puzzles in under an hour, you need to work effectively with your teammates. Skills in reasoning and the general knowledge of different participants all come into play, but basics like listening to one another and then coming up with a strategy to solve the different riddles or puzzles support the development of people’s social skills and develop the ability to work together productively. Often, you will see certain people emerge as leaders when it comes to ensuring everyone has a chance to contribute and encouraging everyone to work together to get the job done. You will also see people sharing theories and perspectives about possible solutions. There may be disagreements, but working these through to achieve a common goal in a relaxed and playful environment is a great learning experience. Time is of the essence as the clock ticks down to one hour and this encourages groups to work effectively together under pressure. As well as encouraging collaboration in this way, solving the escape room’s riddles in under an hour also promotes positive working relationships between the participants. It also encourages participants to build trust between one another and value one another’s judgements. This all makes visiting an escape room a great choice if you’re looking for a fun team-building exercise. It can also be a good choice for families with children in terms of developing socialisation skills and promoting family bonding.

Improve your listening skills

From the initial brief at the beginning of the challenge, to the clues you ask for along the way and your teammates’ ideas and potential solutions, listening is the key to success in an escape room. Improving the ability to listen has an immeasurable number of learning benefits, including increasing comprehension skills and enhancing the amount of knowledge a person is able to take in at any one time. So whether you’re a student or an employee having a day out at an escape room as a team building exercise, you could greatly improve your capacity for learning through listening.

Increase motivation, commitment and concentration

The fun nature of an escape room experience really motivates the players to want to solve the puzzles together – and this is something that is transferable to daily life, when it comes to getting tasks done and the rewarding feeling of having achieved your goal. Got a child who’s struggling with the motivation to do their maths homework? Developing their problem-solving skills in an escape room might help. The rewarding feeling gained from solving escape room problems might be replicated when it comes to solving those tricky maths equations. Escape rooms could give participants more motivation when it comes to resolving challenging tasks. When you take on the challenge of an escape room, you are totally immersed in the experience, especially thanks to our incredible sets. That immersion can then hopefully be replicated in other work and educational tasks that have to be completed on a day-to-day basis.

Increased engagement

Getting close to achieving your goal of escaping in under an hour by solving all the problems thrown at you in that time increases the participants’ engagement and the attention they give to tasks when working together. This can hopefully be replicated back in the workplace or classroom – or even with those chores back at home! The high energy and fun nature of the escape room also promotes engagement and effective teamwork. 

Escape rooms are a form of game-based learning…..

And game-based learning encourages creativity, problem solving, self awareness and awareness of others and positive behaviour in a fun and social setting. Improved co-operation and communication result from working together to solve an escape room challenge. In addition, when you’re taking part in an escape room challenge, you are encouraged to think critically and challenge perceptions and ideas, as well as coming up with new ones. You are also active in the experience and this has the benefit of encouraging active learning in other areas of life.

Improve your knowledge of how stories are constructed

Each escape room comes with its very own back-story, with more of the story unfolding as and when specific tasks are completed. This makes Escape Rooms a great choice for supporting participants to develop knowledge of how stories can be constructed. A visit to an escape room could therefore make a great option for some active learning for an English class. The fact that each Escape Room experience is based on a specific theme also benefits participants’ knowledge of how a story theme can be developed and enhanced. It may inspire them in a particular descriptive writing style on a particular theme. The Escape Rooms could also enhance learning around a particular topic or story.

Develop your observational skills

When you’re in an escape room, everything you can see, hear, smell or touch is a potential clue. Therefore, taking part in an escape room experience can significantly help to develop your observational skills. Escape Rooms also encourage you to enhance your analytic powers and creative thinking, not simply taking everything you observe at face value, but delving deeper to find hidden meanings and clues. 

Beat the clock

Finally, taking part in an escape room experience is a great way to improve your time-management skills! An hour can seem like a long time to be locked in a room with a bunch of friends, family or colleagues, but the time ticks by fast when there is the work of solving puzzles to be done! Keep an eye on the clock and if one particular puzzle is taking too long, it might be time to ask for a clue!

If you’re a team of colleagues, a group of students, a teacher – or just a bunch of friends looking for a fun and challenging day out together contact us today to find out more

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