From evil Jack to youthful Peter - variety's the spice of life at Chronos One

At Chronos One, we pride ourselves on giving you the most immersive escape room experiences possible - whether that's enchanting you, or scaring you witless!

You see, we want to give you a choice of experiences - and that choice can barely be more contrasting than with two of our most popular rooms.

On the one hand, there's Nightmare on Ripper Street - a terrifying trip back to Victorian London, where evil killer Jack the Ripper is still at large.

And by sharp contrast, there's Return To Neverland - a delightful, family-friendly trip to the magical world of Tinkerbell and the boy who never grew up, the eternally youthful Peter Pan.

They're equally enjoyable - but VERY different from each other!

So let's take a look at each game, their back stories and what players say about them on Tripadvisor.

Nightmare on Ripper Street - The back story

It's Victorian England and the cold, dark streets of London's Whitechapel district hold a grisly secret - the whereabouts of evil killer Jack the Ripper.

That's the starting point for our Nightmare on Ripper Street scenario - and it's an intense escape room hour (or less) that's definitely NOT for the faint hearted.

It's inspired, of course, by a series of grisly - and unsolved - murders in old London town. Between August and November 1888, Whitechapel was the scene of five brutal murders. The five victims, all 'women of the night'; met grisly ends. But to this day, no one knows who the murderer was, because he - or she - kept escaping justice.

There was much speculation, of course, with the newspapers of the time splashing news of the latest killings all over their pages.

Based on the evidence of weapons used and the mutilation that occurred, some reasoned that  'Jack the Ripper' could have been a doctor or butcher, given an apparent knowledge of human anatomy.

But whoever it was, we shall never know. Despite their best efforts, the police never tracked 'Jack' down - and after those five horrific killings, the Ripper apparently never struck again.  

The game

The Ripper is out there - but where?

In our game, there's been an anonymous tip-off about Jack's possible whereabouts.

It's in your hands to track him down - assuming it's a 'him' - in his lair before he potentially strikes again.

Get your detectives together, surround the location and pounce before he escapes.

But beware - Jack is a slippery and dangerous customer, so you'll need all your wits about you! Just try not to get TOO scared...

The reviews

PC: Was incredibly scary and immersive. Our host George greeted us and took us into the room. We laughed so much and screamed very loudly the entire time.

Steve F: Four of us went to play the Ripper street room. We had loads of fun and got really scared. The Ripper was really scary - shouted and screamed at us. Even made one of us cry lol. We escaped in 55 minutes and had lots of fun.

Dan P: The Ripper game was at a good level of difficulty for a gang of excited 14-year-olds. Attention to detail on the overall game was excellent.

Lucy Hill: Just completed the Nightmare on Ripper Street room. It was fantastic. We went as a team of four and haven't stopped talking about it since we left. Scary and just a really well thought out escape room adventure. Will be hard to beat this experience. Well done guys.

And by complete contrast... Return To Neverland - The back story

Peter Pan began life in 1904 as a play by Scottish author JM Barrie, who subsequently expanded it into the novel 'Peter and Wendy' in 1911.

Peter is the mischievous boy who refuses to grow up and lands in the Darling family's middle-class home, looking for his shadow.

There, he befriends siblings Wendy, John and Michael Darling - teaching them how to fly with a little help from fairy dust and his fairy 'bestie' Tinkerbell.

They're all whisked away to Peter's home, Neverland, where they meet such characters as Peter's 'crew', the Lost Boys, and the dastardly pirate, Peter's arch enemy Captain Hook.

A tale that continues to enchant, it's thought JM Barrie may have based the character Peter Pan on his older brother, David, who sadly died in an ice skating accident, aged 13, and whose parents thought of him as forever a boy.

The game

A panicked Tinkerbell flies into your room at night with some shocking news - her friend Peter Pan has been kidnapped!

It's time to travel with her to Neverland to save Peter from his nemesis Captain Hook - and there may even be a cannonball or two involved!

The reviews

Rebecca H: The Neverland room was perfect for our family. Our room host Hattie was amazing! Would highly recommend.

Tina B: Return To Neverland was so much fun! The team is wonderful and the direction is welcome when needed.

Lauren S: Absolutely fantastic escape room - really imaginative set up with a very polite and professional team. We did the Neverland one with some friends and my six-year-old. It was suitable (and lots of fun) for all!

And not forgetting...

We have two other fabulous escape rooms which are just as much fun!

In The Temple of the Forbidden Idol, you're despatched by Professor Jones on a family-friendly jungle mission to track down the Enfada Idol before his rival Dr Belloq.

And in Keep Calm, you're asked to do just that! It's the height of The Blitz and you and your team of British intelligence officers are tasked with stopping a group of secret agents' cunning plans. One of our original games, it's reaching its final few weeks, so make sure you book before it's too late.

So what are you waiting for?

Each game lasts up to 60 minutes and under-16s must be accompanied by an adult.

You can find Chronos One at 3 St Mary's Place, Eltham, SE9 1BL, tel 0203 620 1111.

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