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A ticket to Chronos One is a ticket to immersion!

But what do we mean by that? Quite simply, we believe our immersive and imaginative escape room experiences are the best around.

Enter our Eltham High Street complex and you immerse yourselves in a variety of experiences and scenarios - from the World War Two-themed Keep Calm to the Peter Pan vibe of Return To Neverland, or the jungle-based Temple of the Forbidden Idol to the scary Nightmare on Ripper Street. Once you start your bid for freedom, you become fully involved and immersed in the experience until you make good your escape.     

But don't just take our word for their immersivity - let's see what some seasoned reviewers think of three of our games...

Nightmare on Ripper Street

Under the headline "Dark, creepy, jumpy", well-known blog Review The Room says our Jack the Ripper-themed game is "a nice little horror room" - which is just the sort of reaction we're after!

After being taken down to Ripper Street for a mission brief, the reviewer notes the eerie Victorian surroundings, saying: "Don’t expect modern streetlights making this nice and brightly lit - instead you’ll find a very dark game in general and despite there being times where it does get lighter, this is still dark in many places."

All adds to the atmosphere, right?

Calling it "more on the creepy side than the horror," the reviewer does, however, admit to "plenty of jump scares". And in another nod to the ambience, they write: "The creepy atmosphere was enhanced by the use of sound, with ambient noises playing which added to the overall ‘edginess’ of the room."

The puzzles were "quite varied", it's noted, with observation, searching, pattern recognition, logic, communication and teamwork all tested.

And with a creditable rating of 3.5 out of 5, the review concludes: “If you’re looking for a nice little horror room to give you a scare or two, then maybe it’s time you visited Ripper Street."

Other reviews from Escape The Review:

Mrs G: An immersive set with some lovely creepy moments.

KazKew: Good set and an immersive experience. Some creepy props and we all did a bit of screeching.

Toby: Clever set design makes the space feel considerably larger than it actually is and gives a sense of progression and exploration through different phases with a different aesthetic. They've clearly put a lot of work into atmospherics to make it dramatic and a little creepy - it's executed with flair and imagination.

Return To Neverland

From the creepy world of Victorian London to the fantasy world of JM Barrie's Peter Pan - our Return to Neverland game, where you help Peter's fairy friend Tinkerbell track him down, is quite the contrast to Nightmare on Ripper Street, but gets equally good reviews for its immersivity and enjoyment levels.

Review The Room LOVES the setting, noting: "Don’t be fooled by the ‘standard’ decor in this game, as you are soon transported into a very different world, in a very cool way. This felt like something right out of a Disney movie and, for lack of a better word, it was kinda magical."

Still enchanted by the surroundings, the reviewer notes: "Music and general ambient music was being played at all times, which certainly helped with the immersion, and the ever-present Tinkerbell was always there keeping an eye on us. There aren’t many games where we’d felt Disney magic but this was certainly one of them and it was a space that was a joy to be in."

A good variety of puzzle types make for a "nicely rounded game that will bring joy to all age groups."

And the conclusion? "This game was a joy to play and was beautifully put together. "The puzzles were fun and the game had a little bit of magic that made it a wonderful space to be. If you're a fan of the Disney experience, get booked in!

"If you’re a fan of Peter Pan (and have perhaps seen the film adaptation of ‘Hook’) then you are likely to appreciate this game a little bit more, but even if you haven’t, you’re still in for a treat."

Other reviews from Escape The Review:

Mrs G: "We found this game really good fun with some unique features and a couple of wow moments. Some great fun elements too."

Mark B: "Really enjoyed playing this room. It's not the most challenging on an intellectual/puzzle level, however it is seriously good fun to play. A somewhat humble and understated beginning leads on to a beautifully designed main set full of surprises!"

The Temple of the Forbidden Idol

Completing its hat-trick of Eltham reviews, Review The Room says our Indiana Jones-inspired game's setting is "something to behold" with the sounds of the forest and the cool air "aiding the quality set in further immersing us in the world and tasks around us."

The reviewer adds: "The Temple of the Forbidden Idol kept a fast pace, as we raced through to recover the idol in time. Puzzles fit into their surroundings perfectly, often feeling natural in their execution. While there was never any climbing to be done, we found ourselves ducking and crawling. The intensity of the game seemed to build, culminating finally in our successful retrieval of the idol."

And after rating it four out of five, what's the conclusion? "I enjoyed Eltham Escape’s previous temple-themed game, but The Temple of the Forbidden Idol has definitely surpassed its predecessor. The Temple of the Forbidden Idol was filled with satisfyingly chunky and tactile puzzles, and just enough adventure to thrill my temple-loving heart."  

But don't just take their word for it...

Those reviewers know their stuff - but there's nothing like making your own mind up!

More immersive than a plunge in the deep end, we're confident you'll love our games - so what are you waiting for?

Each game lasts up to 60 minutes and under-16s must be accompanied by an adult.

Find us at 3 St Mary's Place, Eltham, SE9 1BL, tel 0203 620 1111.

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