For those ready to take your birthday party celebration to the next level


Buckle up because Chronos One Escape Rooms has something special in store for you! Our Birthday party Escape Rooms are the ultimate way to celebrate your special day with adventure and a whole lot of fun!

Whether you’re turning 18 or hitting the big 6-0, your celebration with your team of fellow escapees and Chronos One is here to make your birthday unforgettable.


Picture this: You and your crew, gathered around an immersive space, ready to unleash your inner detective. But wait, there’s more! How about adding some customisation to your day? Cake and bubbly to the mix? Yep, that’s right – our Escape Rooms are equipped with private facilities where you can chat about your latest escape and laugh your way into another fabulous year. If you escape of course.😉 Sip on delicious drinks, mingle with friends, and let your inner Sherlock flow – it’s the recipe for a birthday party you won’t soon forget.


But hey, if you’re all about a laid-back vibe, book an escape room for a chilled afternoon in the week. With three great rooms to pick from why not book back-to-back instead and try to escape twice? 


And let’s not forget about our Escape Room Gift Vouchers – they’re like the ultimate party package, for yourself or as a gift!


Get ready to put on your Professor Layton hat, Escape and celebrate in style with those you love!




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