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Whether you’ve visited an escape room before or you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing this increasingly popular form of entertainment, we understand that you may have many questions to ask ahead of your visit.


Our friendly team are here to help at any time - just give us a call or contact us online - and then come and explore with us!

For the benefit of all our potential customers, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions. We hope this will help you to make the decision to visit our attraction, which we’re delighted to say is in the top 3% of great things to do in the capital! 

What is an escape room?

Escape rooms bring families, friends and colleagues together, who will be required to work as a team to solve a puzzle in order to ‘escape’ from the room or complete the game within a one-hour time frame. Each of our games has its own distinctive theme and back story, which allows everyone involved to become immersed in the challenge. For example, our Nightmare on Ripper Street game sees players acting on an anonymous tip that could lead them straight to Jack The Ripper’s Lair and the aim of the game is to become detectives, catching Jack before he escapes. Our fantastic sets and props also help participants become more engaged – in fact, you could say our escape rooms themselves provide a welcome escape from everyday life! Escape rooms are suitable for people of all ages – although some games may be slightly scarier than others and therefore not suitable for your children. Escape rooms also provide an interactive learning experience that brings people together to share their knowledge and skills. It’s a great way for families and friends to bond or encourage colleagues to work together as a team – a skill that they can hopefully take back to the workplace with them.

Will we be locked in?

Absolutely not! You can leave our games at any time, whether it’s because you need a break or just to pop to the toilet. However, you only have one hour to complete the game and the clock continues to count down without you, so it’s probably best to make sure you have a comfort break before entering the game. You can then maintain your focus for as long as it takes your team to make their escape by completing the game!

How long does the experience last?

All of our games last for 60 minutes - but if you're really good you may complete our games faster. To give you the incentive to complete the game in the quickest time possible, we have a live leaderboard available to see in our reception and on our website, under each game’s individual page.

Can children play?

Anyone can play, although an adult must accompany players under 16. It would be a good idea to read more about each of our games before booking and decide for yourself whether you think the theme of the game is suitable for your children. Some of our visitors comment that the Ripper Street game can be quite scary, but our Return to Neverland game and The Temple of the Forbidden Idol are regularly visited by children. Teenagers in particular can bring new ways of looking at things to our games, which the adults might miss!

I already booked, can I add more people?

Yes! All our games are private, so you can do this over the phone, by email - or simply do it when you arrive for your game. Our friendly and helpful team at Chronos One will be happy to assist you, whichever way you get in contact.

Do you have parking?

You can park next door at Sainsbury's for £1 an hour.

I'm pregnant, can I still play?

Most of our games do not involve crawling or physical activity that will prevent you from playing and we'll even place a seat in the game if you request it. Just check the game’s individual page on our website for more information or contact us to discuss your individual requirements. 

Do you offer corporate bookings or cater for special occasions?

Yes, we do both! Escape Rooms are a great way to bring corporate teams together to work on a common goal – and our Escape Rooms are also great places to celebrate too. With our collection of Escape Rooms, we're able to provide games for 24 players an hour - plus hot or cold catering, breakout rooms, and meeting areas. Please get in touch by email and we'll do our best to accommodate you. 

Bookings and refunds.

Can I cancel or change my booking?

As an event-based service, we're unable to offer refunds, but we will happily reschedule if enough notice is given.

How is my card information handled?

Online payments are taken using Stripes's Merchant tools, please visit them here.

Our Games

Which games do you offer and what are the differences between them?

At Chronos One, we offer four games. These include The Temple of the Forbidden Idol, Return to Neverland, Nightmare on Ripper Street and Keep Calm. Each game has a different difficulty rating, which can help you determine whether it will be suitable for younger players or not. The themes of the games are all different and some people find the content of some of the games unsuitable for younger members of the family. Find out more about each of our games below.

The Temple of the Forbidden Idol

This game has a difficulty rating of three out of five stars. The premise of the game is that you have been sent on a mission through the jungle by Professor Jones. Following a long and exhausting journey, you have discovered the Temple of the Enfada Idol. However, with your rivals in hot pursuit, you must solve the Temple’s puzzles as quickly as possible to claim the temple.

Return to Neverland

Difficulty rating of three out of five stars. The story of this game is that Tinkerbell has flown into your bedroom during the dead of the night and is panicked. Peter Pan has been kidnapped and she needs your help, so you must travel with her to Neverland and save Peter from the evil Captain Hook. Again, this may be a little scary for younger children, but older children who know the story of Peter Pan will love it!

Nightmare on Ripper Street

This has four out of five stars when it comes to the difficulty rating. A scary theme, but one that will bring out the best detectives in your team! An anonymous tip has come through that could lead to Jack the Ripper’s lair. Your team must work together to surround and capture this evil man, before he escapes!

Keep Calm

Our most difficult game, with a difficulty rating of five out of five stars. Transport your team back to World War II – more specifically, the middle of the Blitz! You must now work as British Intelligence agents to search through a fellow KIA agent's office – and soon discover all is not as it seems! 

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