What makes our games so great at Chronos One Escape rooms?

At Chronos One, we’re clearly delighted about the growing popularity of escape rooms right across the country. However, we believe our games offer eager puzzle enthusiasts the best experience in the industry, with a group of carefully selected games on offer to suit members of the family, friends and teams of all ages and abilities.


Whether you’re an escape rooms novice, or you’re looking for your next big escaping challenge, we have something for you! Our escape room games also combine the latest in digital technology with tactile puzzles and props, making for an ultra-modern and truly immersive experience. We also pride ourselves on the good condition of our props and rooms, as well as the cleanliness of all our facilities. Here, we explore one of our four games, The Temple of the Forbidden Idol, to find out what makes it so great. Other posts about the rest of our games will follow soon, so you can make up your mind which to try first. Whichever one you start with, we can guarantee that you will soon be back to try the others!

The Temple of the Forbidden Idol

Is it difficult? 

This game has a difficulty rating of three out of five stars, which puts it on a par with our Neverland adventure game. Our other two games are more difficult, so this one could be a great choice if you are thinking of forming a team with children.

What’s the story? 

The premise of the game is that you have been sent on a mission by Professor Jones, which has taken you on a long journey through the jungle. But your hard work has not been in vain, as you have finally located the Temple of the Enfada Idol! However, there is a catch. Your rival Dr Belloq and his mercenaries are in close pursuit. You must beat the Temple’s puzzles within 60 minutes, in order to beat Belloq to the Idol.

Redesigning our previous ‘Temple’ game

The Temple of The Forbidden Idol has a fabulous set. Last year, we worked with Deadwalk to create this upgrade on our previous game, The Temple of the Lost Spirit. Deadwalk did some great work on creating new puzzles and developing the storyline for the game, to make it into what it is now. The result is a vastly upgraded and improved game and any previous visitors who completed The Temple of the Lost Spirit game should definitely come back and experience this new version for themselves! Deadwalk supported us with redesigning the rooms and creating a crawl-through element to the experience. With the magic of 3D printing fantastic puzzle pieces and great props like skull keys have been created. Without wanting to give too much away and spoil the experience for any visitors, a particularly impressive feature comes in the form of the large ‘stone’ doors, which open to reveal the hidden tomb within.

Is it suitable for children?

It might sound a bit scary, but under 16s can be accompanied by an adult and it’s at each parent or guardian’s discretion as to whether they think the game would be suitable for their child or not. It is probably between this game and Neverland when it comes to the games we offer which create the best family experience.

Set the scene a little more!

As with all our facilities and escape room games, this room is extremely well decorated to suit the theme of the game. Authentic sounds help to create a magnificent jungle atmosphere – and a real sense of adventure! Hidden technology is also used to great effect, making the unexpected happen when you least expect it! Clues are given by both the games master and also come through on a computer screen – but these are always delivered in the form of an exciting theme and story. 

The game itself is both fun and challenging. How many clues you get depends mostly on you, as your game master will only give away as many clues as you would like. Clues also come through on the computer and are delivered in a way that is in keeping with the exciting story and theme. Players are encouraged to follow different puzzle trails independently and come together as a team when needed. 

Puzzles in this game include word games and treasure hunts, with good observation skills a clear advantage, as in many escape room games. However, there is also a physical element to The Temple of the Forbidden Idol involving moving large props and, as we’ve previously mentioned, crawling through a tunnel. 

Who would enjoy The Temple of The Forbidden Idol?

Families, groups of friends and work colleagues would all enjoy this jungle adventure and solving problems really helps bring people together! The indoor nature of this activity provides a great way to have fun on rainy days, so it’s a great place to consider visiting during the up and coming February school holiday. Even during the sunny summer holidays, we remain popular, so it’s a good idea to make your booking in advance. 

Games such as this are fantastic for corporate teams or work colleagues, who can put their problem-solving skills to the test together and learn about hidden strengths they didn’t realise their teammates had! For corporate bookings or team-building days, contact us today.

Escape with your date this Valentine’s Day!

As well as the February half-term holiday, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – and escape rooms can be a great way of getting to know someone, what makes them tick and whether you make a good match! In one online review of The Temple of The Forbidden Idol, we found one customer who said the experience had made for a fantastic second date. She explained it was a great way to learn about each other’s character, and the pair laughed, got scared, and got annoyed when they couldn’t solve the hints – but overall, had a great deal of fun together.  Whether there was a third date, she didn’t say for definite, although she did finish off by saying “we can’t wait to try another escape room!”

Whoever you want to take with you, book this game today and let your jungle adventure begin!


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