Enjoy some Easter fun at Chronos One – and you may be in for a surprise!

The Easter holidays are nearly upon us - and for an eggs-citing activity, how about a trip to the Chronos One escape rooms in Eltham?

For many, the Easter break is about cute spring lambs, chocolate eggs, colourful daffodils, chocolate eggs, maybe a visit to church, Easter bunnies, oh and more chocolate eggs!

Speaking of the nation’s favourite treat, during the Easter holidays, our thoughtful team members are hiding a chocolatey surprise or two within our escape rooms, so as well as finding clues, you may also get a delightful surprise!

This makes Chronos Escape Rooms an even better choice during the two-week Easter school break - and particularly the Easter weekend, as we've got everything covered here. 

We're also open every day over Easter, including the Bank Holidays.

If you're not sure what an escape room is, here's the scenario - you're in a brilliantly themed room (or rooms) with just an hour to hold your nerve, solve the clues with your team-mates and escape. It's fantastic fun!     

So let's take a look at what you get from our eggs-scape room experiences - with added chocolate for Easter - and why they're such a great choice when you’re looking for things to do in the Easter Holidays.

Family time

Let's face it - in today's busy world, finding the time to get together as a family isn't always easy.

So when you have a ready-made long holiday weekend, why not put it to good use and strengthen those family bonds?

Two of our escape rooms in particular are very suitable for family groups, including children.

In The Temple of the Forbidden Idol, after a long journey through the jungle, you find yourselves locked in a race against time - and your rival Dr Belloq and his mercenaries - to get your hands on the Enfada Idol!

Or if a Peter Pan-vibe is more your thing, Return to Neverland should be right up your street. 

Everyone's favourite fairy, Tinkerbell, has flown into your bedroom, panicking because Peter Pan has been kidnapped! Now she needs your help to travel to Neverland and trace Peter, in order to save him from that nasty piece of work, Captain Hook.

We're open all holiday

At a time when we're looking for places to go and activities to try, some attractions cut their hours or don't even open at all.

Well, there are no such problems at Chronos One's escape rooms because we're open across the Easter weekend - and the Easter school holidays in general, come to that.

Our opening hours on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are 10am-10pm!

So while several destinations will have restricted opening hours - that's if they open at all - you've got a daily 12-hour window of Easter opportunity at Chronos One!

Eggs-ceptional fun with your friends

Easter offers the perfect opportunity to get together with your mates without work commitments getting in the way.

And if you fancy taking advantage of that long Easter weekend to meet up with pals, there's no better place than the Chronos One escape rooms.

You can try all four rooms, of course. But for adult groups, maybe the two most appropriate choices are...

Nightmare on Ripper Street. It's dark, it's spooky, it's even a bit scary - but it's a lot of fun too! The race is on to catch The Ripper in his lair before he escapes to commit another heinous crime - and it's up to you to stop him. Get your detectives ready and try to track him down.

Keep Calm. It's Britain during World War Two and you've been tasked with searching a fellow KIA agent's office - but on their death, it turns out they weren't who you thought they were. But can you uncover their secrets before dastardly plans come to fruition? Well, that's up to you, but beware - it's no walk in the park, because this game carries our most challenging "five out of five" difficulty rating. And because it's due to say a fond farewell on April 17 after an eggs-traordinarily successful four years, the clock is ticking if you want to play it - so why not over the Easter holidays?

Bits and pieces

A few little extras make an Easter trip to Eltham to play our escape rooms even more appealing.

First of all, it's indoors! How many times have you planned a lovely outdoor trip at Easter to blow away the cobwebs and ended up sheltering from the wind, rain and even snow? Well, there are no such weather worries at Chronos One.

But even if you fancy doing other things at Easter, you can also fit in a visit to Chronos One's Eltham High Street HQ - because our games are all 60 minutes long (or less if you're really good), so there's plenty of time to head elsewhere afterwards and excitedly discuss your escape room eggs-perience.

And while your 60-minute session will be such an immersive experience you won't have time to take photos, don't worry - we can take care of that. Just check out our Facebook page to see photos of some of the teams who successfully beat their 60-minute time limit to escape their room! You may even get on the leaderboard too if your team are brilliant codebreakers and puzzle solvers.

Easter eggs-hilaration

These are exciting times at Chronos One as we officially switch over to our new name and branding.

When we opened the Eltham Escape Rooms nearly five years ago, we knew we had a great offering - but would it catch on? We needn't have worried. In 2023, we're more excited than ever about what we offer - and by adopting the Chronos One name from our first ever escape room, we're giving an appreciative nod to the past while anticipating an exciting future.

But don't just take our word for it - get out of your shell this Easter and try it for yourself!

The details

You will find us at 3 St Mary's Place, Eltham, SE9 1BL. Our normal opening times are Monday-Thursday, 10am-10pm, Friday to Sunday 9am-10pm, although we will open 10am-10pm across the Easter holiday weekend. Parking is available next door at Sainsbury for £1.

To contact us, call our friendly staff on 0203 620 1111 or email [email protected]

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